What we do

We are dedicated to providing a warm and positive bonding experience for you and your baby. We offer 3D/4D/HDLive and early gender determination, giving you the most realistic image.

Free Live Streaming

We are happy to include free live-streaming with all of our packages. Be sure to ask your tech for more information prior to your session. 

Early Gender Determination

Our ultrasound techs have been trained to determine gender as early as 13 weeks. We also offer the SneakPeek early gender blood test for results as early as 8 weeks!

Theater Viewing

Our studio has been designed to be a comfortable environment for you and your whole family. You are welcome to bring as many guests as you would like. 

HDLive Imaging

The technology in our studio is top of the line, offering HDLive imaging that enhances your baby’s features. All of our 3D packages include this technology, making your session even more memorable.

Free Babyflix for Deployed Dads

We strongly believe that pregnancy is such a precious moment for you to bond with your baby. In order to make this chapter just as special for everyone, we are happy to offer a free babyflix upgrade to any deployed dads.

Heartbeat Animals

There is no better keepsake than a recording of your baby’s heartbeat. Visit our office to record your little one’s heartbeat and put it in an animal of your choice, starting as early as 10 weeks.

We Offer the Finest 4D/HD
Ultrasound Experience Available

Here we enjoy bringing families together to witness the miracle of life. 

Our ultrasound technologists are highly-qualified, experienced, registered diagnostic medical sonographers that have a passion for all things pregnancy. 

What makes us different

At Ponte Vedra Ultrasound we are an elective prenatal ultrasound studio that offers early gender determination, 3D/4D and HD LIVE photo sessions. Our facility believes that a 3D/4D/HD LIVE ultrasound is a wonderful way for families to bond even more with their unborn child.

From Our Clients


Their studio is beautiful and the staff was so accommodating. I loved being able to see my little girl play on a big screen..

– Heather M


Love this place! Such a friendly warm environment. We immediately felt welcome. I’m so happy I found this place.

– Cheryl C


Amazing amazing place. My fiancé and I went there and were treated super nice. Saw our baby for the first time and definitely going back there to get a package. Love the environment.

– Marie Y

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