Our Babyflix ultrasound video platform offers free live-streaming right to you to share from your private online account in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

We include free live-streaming with all of our packages. Whether someone wants to see your ultrasound in Jacksonville, FL or the other side of the world, they now have the option to be part of your ultrasound.

Babyflix is your image management platform for all things baby. Your video recording as well as images from your session are sent to you right from your ultrasound exam. With the Babyflix software, we are able to livestream your session to anyone you choose. In addition, you can add images from your desktop or even mobile device and edit the images together in an easy to use program. This interface allows you to integrate themes and music to your photos and videos to make these memories all the more special.

Share your videos and images directly from the Babyflix site or post to one of your favorite social networking sites!

Be sure to let your tech know before your session that you would like to livestream for free or have your session uploaded to your Babyflix account.

Easy Process

BabyFlix allows your provider to create your account and upload your exam imagery or you can easily upload the imagery from your exam DVD. Your imagery will magically appear in your mobile app gallery when you login.

Mobile Memories

BabyFlix gives you the ability to view your photo gallery, play video and add more videos and images on the go—anytime, anywhere. What could be more exciting than knowing you’ll soon have the first images you’ll ever have of your little one?

Share with Friends

BabyFlix puts the process of sharing your images into real time, allowing you to text, post or simply invite those who will share your joy. You can share your photos or video from our service or you can post your imagery to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google +.

Import Your Contacts

BabyFlix wants to make the most of your experience and sharing with your family and friends has never been so easy. You can import contacts from your phone and share these memories with a swipe of the finger.

Watch on TV

BabyFlix can stream the video and still images from your account to your TV through Google Chromecast. With the Google Chromecast streaming device and BabyFlix your family can experience this wonderful imagery from your big screen TV.

Upload from Phone

BabyFlix allows you to upload photos and videos from your phone. Incorporate pictures of your baby into your gallery.

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